Terms & Conditions

Gallery B612 Grand Reopening

ENTRY FEES (Non-refundable Application Fees): First 3 images for $25; each additional image is $5. A maximum of ten images may be submitted for consideration. 1. GALLERY B612 will exhibit the artwork/s in an exhibition at GALLERY B612, located in SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, or online on our gallery website. 2. The artwork(s) exhibited and/or represented by GALLERY B612, pursuant to this Agreement, are hereinafter collectively referred to as the “ARTWORK” and refers to those artworks submitted by ARTIST to GALLERY B612 and accepted by GALLERY B612 for exhibition. 3. In exchange for GALLERY B612’s exhibition of ARTIST’S Work, ARTIST grants GALLERY B612 the right to represent ARTIST in the sale of the “ARTWORK” by GALLERY B612. 4. COMMISSION: The following commission/payment terms will apply to each subject “ARTWORK” sold by GALLERY B612: 50% (payment to ARTIST), 50% (commission to GALLERY B612). 5. GALLERY B612 shall pay the Artist all proceeds due to the Artist within thirty-one (31) days of sale. 6. ARTISTS outside the United States are responsible for any exchange rate charges or bank transfer charges. Please price works accordingly. 7. ARTIST retains ownership of all “ARTWORK” represented by GALLERY B612 until such “ARTWORK” is sold, pursuant to the terms of this Agreement, or otherwise. ARTIST retains copyright to all consigned artwork in perpetuity, as governed by law. GALLERY B612 shall take the steps necessary to ensure that the Artist's notice of copyright is protected and included in all documentation. 8. The retail sales price for each “ARTWORK” will be established by the ARTIST. ARTIST is to include gallery commission in the price listed. Please do not change prices without speaking to GALLERY B612 staff directly. Consider your price carefully as it is difficult for us to change it – choose your price thoughtfully. 9. GALLERY B612 will exert all reasonable efforts to close sales of represented “ARTWORK”. ARTIST agrees to provide GALLERY B612, in a timely fashion and upon request, with any necessary documents or information in support of sales. 10. PROMOTION: All entrants grant Gallery B612 the right to use or publish images of their work to promote the art exhibits, future calls for entries, videos, or the art gallery. Selected entries may be included in our online gallery website, on our Facebook page, Instagram, Google+ page, ArtSlant Page, FLICKR, blog, or other social media sites for the purpose of promoting artists and shows. Artist understands that his/her artwork may be photographed for promotional or other purposes. 11. MODIFICATIONS: All modifications of this Agreement must be in writing and signed by BOTH parties. This Agreement constitutes the entire understanding between GALLERY B612 and ARTIST. 12. Gallery B612 is not responsible for any damage, breakage, need for replacement, or cost associated with any event that may have occurred during transport or unpacking. Every precaution will be taken in handling the entries, Gallery B612 assumes no liability for any loss or damage to any artist’s work while in our care, custody, or control, before, during, or after the exhibition. Each artist, if they wish, needs to provide their own insurance. PLEASE PACK TO ASSURE YOUR PIECE IS PROTECTED - GALLERY B612 IS NOT LIABLE FOR DAMAGE THAT OCCURS DURING SHIPPING TO THE GALLERY OR RETURNS BACK TO THE ARTIST!!! 13. SHIPPING YOUR WORK: If works are accepted for the brick and mortar show you will be notified. All artists will have at least one work accepted to the online show. 14. Any work left, at Gallery B612 seven (7) days after the close of the exhibition, is subjected to a storage fee of $5 per day. Ten days after this grace period without communication from the artist the artwork would be assumed abandoned and ownership will be forfeited to the Gallery B612. Any work left at Gallery for more than 10 days is subject to sale or disposal without notification or recourse. Please be aware of when the show finishes and make sure we have your return label.

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